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The Lawsuit Fee and Legal Funding If you happen to be a victim in a car accident and you have been injured or your car has been destroyed you can file a lawsuit against the other party. Mostly, lawsuits differ and the fee charged differs too. Before deciding to file a lawsuit you should always consider your chances for winning, the fee and if it is worth it to spend your time pursuing the lawsuit against the other person. If you are the one who was affected in the accident then your chances of winning the case are high. If a person is hurt the legal case is filed as a personal injury lawsuit. On the basis of a contingency fee the case can be handled by the attorney general. The attorney general will handle the case for free until the compensation is paid. After winning the case you will award the attorney general some fee from the legal fees. Different attorney generals charge different fees. There is a difference between commercial litigation fee and personal injury fee. When it comes to a business dispute, most attorney generals do not accept to work on a contingency fee. Once you enter into a commercial lawsuit, you should know that there is a possibility you will take care of all the fees required. These costs are: reviewing the case cost, cost of filling a complaint, cost of hiring witnesses, court and litigation cost. Most likely these fees will be required before any action is completed. The attorney general will evaluate the legitimate case even before the lawsuit is filed. The attorney general will let you know if you have a case or not just be reviewing the evidence. The evidence that is mostly used include, medical records, police reports,witness statements and accident reports. Lawsuits are very expensive for both parties. In the case the accuser decides to use his own money to pay for the lawsuit then they will have to consider to pay for all fees associated with the case. For better concentration with the lawsuit they are forced to take some time off work. A a lot of time is spent in the office of the attorney general or consulting with expert witnesses. Many lawsuits take years before a decision is made and this can cost someone thousands of dollars in lost wages and legal fees. There are a certain steps taken before filing a lawsuit. The first step is presenting a formal letter called the complaint to the defense. This the document explains the causes of the damages that lead to the case. The defendant is given some time by the attorney general to respond. In case there are no signs of case settlement the lawsuit is filed.

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